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“Like Matisse, I believe that it is indispensable, all of one’s life,  to preserve a child’s fresh and innocent relation to the things of this world. It is this constant feeling of playfulness that as a MADI artist,  I am always trying to radiate from my art.”

Volf and the MADI Building prototype

Roitman is considered one of the great MADI creators.

His disposition for aesthetic playfulness illustrates the very essence of the movement. Forms, colors, invention and imagination blend in a superabundance that alerts us to the existence of exceptional creation. His sculptures – lamps, torches of the imagination – serve to corroborate the sense of liberty that runs through all of MADI creation.

Roitman also produced large transformable wall hangings called MADI Banners  on silk and metal, some of which are applied on transparent surfaces glowing as stained glass windows. He also took his work to new dimensions by covering ordinary buildings, such as the Wood Building in Marshall, Texas and the MADI Museum in Dallas, with his vividly colored, three-dimensional panels, thus creating giant MADI “sculpture” pieces.

MADI Museum at Dusk
The MADI Building – Dallas, Texas, USA

The building … marks a landmark in recent history of art … Not since the Museum of non-Objective Art in New York morphed into the Guggenheim Museum more than half a century ago has there been anything like this in North America

Peter Frank, LA Weekly


“I consider play, fun, humor and joy to be very serious matters indeed”