“Roitman is considered one of  the great MADI creators. His disposition for aesthetic playfulness illustrates the very essence of the movement. Forms, colors, invention and imagination blend in a superabundance that alerts us to the existence of exceptional  creation……His sculptures  – lamps, torches of the imagination –serve to corroborate the sense of liberty that runs through all of Madi creation …César Lopez Osornio, Director, MACLA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Plata, Argentina.) Documentarte, IberCaja Bank (Zaragoza, Spain) (September 2001)

“Geometry is beautiful”, said Roitman, who with Arden Quin, co-founded the MADI Research and Study Center in Quin’s studio in Paris (1951).‘The beauty of forms (paraphrasing Plato) is not as most  people would suppose, the beauty of living figures or of pictures, but straight lines and circles and shapes, plane or solid, made by ruler and square. ‘They are not, like other things, relatively beautiful,  but always absolutely beautiful’  Michael Gordon, Outside the Box: Eleven International MADI artists Featuring Carmelo Arden Quin and Volf Roitman From the Masterson and Lenherr Collections exhibition, at the Polk Museum, Lakeland, Florida. The Ledger, Lakeland, Florida (August 24, 2001)

“The Sarasota Visual Art Center has mounted a MADI  festival which may earn the Arts Center a niche in the history of 20th century art. Provocatively titled “Art out of its Frame” the exhibition features the innovative work of Volf Roitman…There is a joyous exhilaration and playfulness in all this non-objective work…” Marcia Corbino, The Longboat Observer, Sarasota (November 11, 1999)

“One of his liveliest pieces is motor-driven sculpture (WHAT IS MADI?) in which circles in primary colors slowly move forward and recede like the petals of a carnivore plant. His model for a MADI-style building scheduled to be built in Dallas is a lighthearted fantasy of curling decorations and unexpected vistas.” Joanne Milani, The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, Florida (September 28,1999)

“Volf Roitman is one of the foremost practitioners of MADI. MADI art is irresistible.” Thyrza Jacocks, Pelican Press, Sarasota, Florida (November 11,1999)

“Roitman’s laser-cut sculpture combines elements in intricate combinations, the bightness giving the lie to the need for sculpture to be heavy and monumental.  Certain works, balanced on long stems, seem like flowers mounted on the wall they become balloons floating into space.” Leslie Ahlander, Curator and Art Critic, Sarasota, Florida. (November 1999)

…A voir l’ ‘’ordonnance dynamique ‘’ …‘d’un accrochage madiste, on saisit mieux l’effervescence contagieuse de cette conception de l’art. Les œuvres disposées en constellations irrégulières, sont en résonnance les unes avec les autres, se prolongent entre elles…Diversité qui, dans les structures polychromes de Volf Roitman, par la démultiplication de leurs plans et entailles, semble se déployer à l’infini. Comme si MADI était inépuisable.’’

Seeing the “dynamic disposition” of a MADI hanging, we  better grasp the contagious effervescence of this art concept. The works, set up in irregular constellations, echo and prolong one another. Diversity that, in the polychromatic structures, of Volf Roitman and through the multiplicity of their planes and cut-outs, seem to extend into infinity. As if MADI were inexhaustible. Philippe Mathonet, Journal de Genève, Switzerland, October 13/1997

“This year, as the movement celebrates its 50th anniversary, Roitman is still one of its innovators.” Anthony Dellaflora, The Albuquerque Journal (September 15,1996)

“His geometric art is not the result of a conception restricted to a severe and strict order, but on the contrary, and it is here that its greatness lies, as if it were a matter of playing.”  César Lopez Osornio, Montseny Internacional (Barcelona, April 9,199)

A figure in MADI Art: Volf Roitman …Roitman, a man of many faces about  whom it has been said that  his greatest creation is his own life…is showing brilliantly-colored cut-outs and totems. María Lluisa Borrás, La Vanguardia – Barcelona (May 20, 1994)

“Roitman has transformed the collage into an amazing multi-dimensional event.’’ Joan Dupont, Paris-based critic. (March 31,1993)

“The MADI group has not ceased its activities; on the contrary, the show of four of its members: Pierre Alexandre, Guy Lerein, Volf Roitman and George Sallaz proves it with brilliance…. If in the beginning, their goal was to break out of a square which represented traditional order and static energy, they are without a doubt on the road to toward a more important, though still scarcely perceived, visual renewal.” In the French Magazine Actualites Artistiques (Paris, February 21, 1953)

“I consider play, fun, humor and joy to be very serious matters indeed”